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chịu (, 𠹾, 𠺥)

  1. to endure; to put up with; to make do with
    Tao không chịu nổi thằng cha đó nữa!
    I can't stand that asshole any longer!
    Nhà nó nghèo, cả đời phải chịu cảnh thiếu đói.
    His family is so impoverished, he has suffered continual hunger for all his life.
    mua chịu
    to buy or sell on credit
  2. (informal, by extension) to have no solution (and thus, to have to deal with the result of that)
    Hết cách rồi thì đành chịu thôi.
    We have no other choice than to deal with it.
    Bài này dễ tao làm được chứ bài đó thì tao chịu.
    I can do this easy one, but I got nothing for that one.
    Mày biết làm bài này hôn?
    Can you do this one?
  3. to agree (to); to consent (to)
    Ba phải nói vậy, con mới chịu nín.
    Only when dad says that will you [the child] stop crying.

Derived terms[edit]