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From Old French cheminee, from Late Latin [camera] camīnāta, from Latin camīnus (furnace), from Ancient Greek κάμῑνος (kámīnos).


  • IPA(key): /ʃə
  • (file)


cheminée f (plural cheminées)

  1. a chimney
  2. a fireplace or hearth
  3. a vertical vent, exhaust or gallery
  4. a hole at the centre of some models of parachute
  5. the glass tube protecting the flame of a kerosene or similar wick lamp
  6. (technology) a vertical vacuum forming in a gasifier
  7. (welding) a type of welding fault
  8. (geology) the exhaust of a volcano
  9. (geology) a vertical mineral vein
  10. (theater) large pipe containing ropes that serves to control theater backdrops

Derived terms[edit]


  • German: Cheminée
  • Persian: شومینه(šomine)
  • Romanian: șemineu
  • Turkish: şömine

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