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Non-Sino-Vietnamese reading of Chinese (SV: truyện). Doublet of truyện, truyền, chuyền, and đồn.

The initial ‹ch-› here and in chuyền possibly results from a sound change insides Vietnamese, different from, and later than the one which yields ‹ch-› in chạp, chàng, & possibly also chuồng.



(classifier câu) chuyện (, 𡀯)

  1. a story, a tale, or an anecdote
    chuyện cổ tícha fairy tale
    kể chuyệnto tell a story; to tell an anecdote
  2. matters; affairs
    Synonym: việc
    chuyện người đờiother people's business
    nói chuyệnto talk, discuss, or chat
    lắm/nhiều chuyệnnosy; inquisitive
    chuyện riêngprivate matters
    công chuyệnimportant business
  3. manufactured trouble
    kiếm chuyệnto ask for trouble; to make something out of nothing
  4. Misspelling of truyện (storybook).

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Derived terms



  1. duh!
    Chuyện! Anh mày chứ ai!
    Duh! Of course it's yours truly right here!