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Baxter & Sagart (2014) proposes that this is borrowed from Old Chinese (OC *k.rˤoŋ), thus making it non-Sino-Vietnamese reading of Chinese (SV: lung, lộng).

Alves (2018) proposes that chuồng and lồng are doublets and both are early regional loanwords from Chinese , yet he is uncertain about connection to Old Chinese (OC *k.rˤoŋ); as Old Chinese *kr- regularly yields Vietnamese ‹s-› instead (as in sức & sen). However, chuồng’s initial ‹ch-› might have resulted from another sound change which yields ‹ch-› of chàng & chạp.

See (lóng) for more.



chuồng (, , 𡈈, 𡈩, 𫭅, 󱹐, 󱝳, , 𡈡, 󱕖, )

  1. an enclosure, usually a topless/ceilingless or room-sized one, for confining animals, especially domestic, livestock or zoo animals; compare buồng giam/xà lim (prison cell)
    chuồng chó/lợn/hổa dog/pig/tiger enclosure
    chuồng gàa chicken coop or range

Derived terms[edit]

Derived terms