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Middle English[edit]

Alternative forms[edit]


From Old French compaignie.


  • IPA(key): /kumpaˈniː(ə)/, /kumpɛi̯ˈniː(ə)/


companye (plural companyes)

  1. A company, band, small group, or team of people; mainly in the following senses:
    1. A army or multitude of angels; a band heavenly warriors.
    2. A retinue, one's servants or hirelings.
    3. A troop; a military force or concentration.
    4. A guild; an organisation dedicated to the advancement of a profession.
  2. An informal group of people; especially guests or visitors.
  3. accompaniment, company, companionship; having companions.
  4. camaraderie, friendliness.
  5. copulation; sexual activity or intercourse.
  6. A group or mass of animals.
  7. linkedness, connection, similarity, likeness
  8. (rare) A large quantity of objects or things.


  • English: company
  • Scots: company