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Use of a comparator to measure thickness difference between an object and a standard.


comparator (plural comparators)

  1. Any device for comparing a physical property of two objects, or an object with a standard.
  2. An electronic device that compares two voltages, currents or streams of data.
  3. (law) anything that serves comparison
    • 2014 May 20, European Court of Human Rights, McDonald v. The United Kingdom[1], number 4241/12, marginal 48:
      The applicant is therefore complaining not of a lack of action but rather of the decision of the local authority to reduce the care package that it had hitherto been making available to her. As such, a more appropriate comparator would be the case of Watts v. The United Kingdom (dec.), no. 53586/09 of 4 May 2010, in which the Court was content to proceed on the basis that a decision to close the care home where the elderly applicant was resident and to transfer her to another home constituted an interference with her rights under Article 8.
    • 2017 November 9, United States District Court for the District of Connecticut, Roxanne Khazarian vs. Gerald Metals, LLC, Metals Trading Corp., Gerald Holdings, LLC, Craig Dean, and Dan Gamez[2], numbers 3:16-cv-01762(VAB):
      Roxanne Khazarian (“Plaintiff”) moved to compel discovery from Gerald Metals, LLC and Metals Trading Corp (“Defendants”), seeking the personnel file of Gary Lerner, an employee of Defendants. […] Defendants object to the production of these documents on the grounds that Mr. Lerner is not an appropriate comparator for Ms. Khazarian and his personnel file is therefore irrelevant.
  4. (computing) An application or program that compares prices, rates, tariffs of flights, smartphones, cars, etc.





Etymology 1[edit]

Verb forms.



  1. second/third-person singular future passive imperative of comparō

Etymology 2[edit]

comparō +‎ -tor


comparātor m (genitive comparātōris); third declension

  1. a comparer[1]
  2. (Late Latin) a purchaser, buyer[2]

Third-declension noun.

Case Singular Plural
Nominative comparātor comparātōrēs
Genitive comparātōris comparātōrum
Dative comparātōrī comparātōribus
Accusative comparātōrem comparātōrēs
Ablative comparātōre comparātōribus
Vocative comparātor comparātōrēs


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Borrowed from French comparateur. By surface analysis, compara +‎ -tor.


comparator n (plural comparatoare)

  1. comparator