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N.B. Nouns ending in -ātor should not be moved to Category:Latin terms suffixed with -ator: save for rare exceptions, the -ā- is part of the stem.

N.B. Nouns using the allomorph -sor are listed here as well.

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Fundamental » All languages » Latin » Terms by etymology » Terms by suffix » -tor

Latin terms ending with the suffix -tor.

The suffixes -tor (masculine), -trix (feminine), -trum (neuter) and -torius, -a, -um (adjective) are used with the supine stems of verbs to form nouns denoting the agent of an action, as in arator, aratrix, aratrum and aratorius, -a, -um (< aratum < aro). Other instrument noun suffixes are -bra, -brum, -bula, -bulum, -crum, -culum, -tōrium.

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