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From Latin ducere ‎(to lead). See also doctor.


ductor ‎(plural ductors)

  1. (obsolete) One who leads.
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  2. (printing) A device, usually in the form of an oscillating roller, for transferring ink from a source to the ink train rollers in a controlled manner.
    • 1883, Andrew Overend, "Inking apparatus for printing-machines", US patent US363760, filed 9 November 1883, issued 24 May 1887.
      The combination, with a fountain-roller and an ink-cylinder, of a ductor movable between said roller and cylinder for delivering ink from one to the other...
    • 2004, Daniel Gamota, Printed Organic and Molecular Electronics, Springer, 2004 ISBN 1402077076.
      Ink is transferred to the ink distribution rollers by a ductor roller.

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From dūcō ‎(I lead, guide).



ductor m ‎(genitive ductōris); third declension

  1. leader
  2. commander, general
  3. (figuratively) iron worker (one who draws out)


Third declension.

Case Singular Plural
nominative ductor ductōrēs
genitive ductōris ductōrum
dative ductōrī ductōribus
accusative ductōrem ductōrēs
ablative ductōre ductōribus
vocative ductor ductōrēs

Derived terms[edit]

Related terms[edit]



ductor m ‎(plural ductores)

  1. guide, conductor
  2. probe (surgical)