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compound +‎ -er


compounder (plural compounders)

  1. A person who compounds (mixes ingredients, and tests the result)
    a compounder of medicines
  2. One who attempts to bring persons or parties to terms of agreement, or to accomplish ends by compromises.
    • Burke
      Compounder in politics.
  3. One who compounds a debt, obligation, or crime.
    • Hudibras
      Religious houses made compounders / For the horrid actions of their founders.
  4. (Britain, archaic) One at a university who pays extraordinary fees for the degree he is to take.
    • 1691–92, Anthony Wood (antiquary), Athenæ Oxonienses
      The first of these two was a compounder, the other who was an accumulator, was lately made provost of Trin. coll. near Dublin, and on the 31st of March 1692 was nominated bish. of Kilmore.
  5. (Britain, historical) A Jacobite who favoured the restoration of James II, on condition of a general amnesty and of guarantees for the security of the civil and ecclesiastical constitution of the realm.

Derived terms[edit]