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Borrowed from Latin cōnsumptiō.


  • IPA(key): /ˌkɔnˈzʏ
  • (file)
  • Hyphenation: con‧sump‧tie


consumptie f (plural consumpties, diminutive consumptietje n)

  1. consumption, act of eating or drinking
    Deze aardappelen zijn ongeschikt voor consumptie.
    These potatoes are unsuitable for consumption.
  2. (food and drinks, countable) portion of food or drink
    Er mogen geen consumpties meegenomen worden naar de filmzaal.
    It is not allowed to bring consumables into the viewing room.
  3. (economics) consumption, act of consuming
    De consumptie van aardolie geschiedt meestal niet via het spijsverteringskanaal.
    The consumption of petroleum usually doesn't occur via the digestive system.
    Synonym: verbruik
  4. (economics) quantity of goods and services that is consumed
    De overgang naar autarkie leidde tot een grote afname in consumptie.
    The transition to autarky led to a large decrease in consumption.
  5. (archaic) pulmonary tuberculosis
    Hij kreeg consumptie en ging dood.
    He attracted consumption and died.

Derived terms[edit]


  • Afrikaans: konsumpsie
  • Indonesian: konsumsi
  • West Frisian: konsumpsje