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From Middle English corf, from Middle Low German korf or Middle Dutch korf, from Proto-Germanic *kurbaz (basket), of disputed origin. Related to German Korb (a basket, creel).


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corf (plural corves or corfs)

  1. (mining) A large basket, especially as used for coal.
    • 1997, Thomas Pynchon, Mason & Dixon:
      Why, I am simple as a pony, Sir [] ?– born in a Drift, a Corf for my cradle, and nought but the Back-shift for Schoolmasters there [] ?
  2. A container (basket, wooden box with holes etc.) used to store live fish underwater.
  3. (mining) A wooden frame, sled, or low-wheeled wagon, to convey coal or ore in the mines.

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Old French[edit]

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From Vulgar Latin *corbus < Classical Latin corvus.


corf m (oblique plural cors, nominative singular cors, nominative plural corf)

  1. crow (bird)

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