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Old French crasset, cresset (sort of lamp or torch); perhaps of Old Dutch or Old High German origin, and akin to English cruse, French creuset (crucible).


cresset (plural cressets)

  1. A metal cup, suspended from a pole and filled with burning pitch etc; once used as portable illumination.
    • Milton
      Starry lamps and blazing cressets, fed / With naphtha and asphaltus.
    • Wordsworth
      As a cresset true that darts its length / Of beamy lustre from a tower of strength.
  2. (coopering) A small furnace or iron cage to hold fire for charring the inside of a cask, and making the staves flexible.
    • Dante
      We reached the lofty turret's base, our eyes / its height ascended, where we marked uphung / two cressets and another saw from far
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