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Etymology 1[edit]

Inherited from Proto-Slavic *čьrvenъ, which is a passive participle of *čьrviti (dye using červec), where červec is a kind of worm used as a red dye (compare cȓv (worm)).

Alternative forms[edit]


  • IPA(key): /tsřʋen/
  • Hyphenation: cr‧ven


cr̀ven (definite cr̀venī, comparative crveniji, Cyrillic spelling цр̀вен)

  1. red
    upali crveno sv(j)etloswitch to red light
    sm(ij)em piti/da pijem crveno vinoI' m allowed to drink red wine"
    kosa joj je oprana, usne crvene, a zubi b(ij)eliher hair is washed, her lips are red, and her teeth are white
    stisni crveno dugmepush the red button
    crveni su opet ugrabili vlast na izborimacommunists have won the elections again
  2. ruddy, rubicund
    crveni obraziruddy cheeks
  3. gules

Etymology 2[edit]

From the adjective cr̀ven (red).


  • IPA(key): /tsr̂ʋeːn/
  • Hyphenation: cr‧ven


cȑvēn f (Cyrillic spelling цр̏ве̄н)

  1. red (color, or something red-colored)
  2. (feminine) the red color
    moja omiljena boja je crvenamy favorite color is red
  3. scarlet fever
  4. (colloquial) revolutionary, Red
    crveni se pregrupiraju na granicithe Reds are regrouping at the border
  5. (masculine) a Red Army soldier (or other people's army)
  6. (masculine, derogatory) sympathizer or a member of extreme left; a communist

See also[edit]

Colors in Serbo-Croatian · boje / боје (layout · text)
     bijelбијел, beoбео      sivсив, sinjiсињи      crnцрн
             crvenцрвен, rumenрумен              narandžastнаранџаст, narančastнаранчаст; smeđсмеђ, braonбраон              žutжут; žutжут
             zelenзелен              zelenзелен             
             tirkizanтиркизан, cijanцијан; tirkizanтиркизан              plavплав              modarмодар
             ljubičastљубичаст; modarмодар, indigoиндиго              ljubičastљубичаст, magentaмагента; ljubičastљубичаст              ružičastружичаст, rozaроза


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