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Of unknown origin.[1]




  1. only (excluding everything else)
    Csak a sajtos pizzát szeretem.I only like cheese pizza.
  2. just, only (when something is not as great or as much or as serious as could be expected)
    Ez csak játék.This is just a game.
  3. for a reason that the speaker does not want to specify
    Ezt miért csináltad? - Csak!Why did you do that? - Just because! (No reason!)
  4. it's just that, but (explaining a reason that reduces/takes away from the first part of the sentence)
    Hívtalak telefonon! - Hallottam, csak épp zuhanyoztam.I called you on the phone! - I heard, but I was under the shower.
    Nyerhetett volna a csapat, csak nem volt elég jó az edzőjük.
    The team could have won, it's just that their coach wasn't good enough.
    Ő is ott volt, csak a másik szobában.He was also there, but in the other room.
  5. if only (in wishes); indicates less hope if used with conditional mood, more certainty if used with subjunctive)
    Csak élné/élje túl a balesetet!If only he survived the accident!
  6. used in imperative sentences to indicate something quick or immediate
    Nézd csak!Hey, look!
    Várj csak!Wait a minute! / Hold on for a second!
    Figyelj csak!Listen up!
  7. don't bother, do as you wish (in imperative sentences)
    Menj csak!Go, don't bother.
    Hagyd csak!Just let him!
    Dohányozz csak! Magadnak ártasz vele, nem nekem!Smoke if you wish! You do harm to yourself, not to me.


Derived terms[edit]