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Etymology 1[edit]

Presumably from dime (the U.S. ten-cent coin) +‎ -ed.


dimed (not comparable)

  1. (slang) (of an electric guitar or its amplifier) At volume setting 10 (the loudest).
    • 1998 January 6, Rory McQuillan, "Gear: Does anyone use tone controls on their guitar?", bit.listserv.blues-l, Usenet,
      "I asked […] how they adjusted the tone controls on their guitars. They both told me the same thing, that they dimed 'em and adjusted their tone at the amp."
    • 1998 February 15, Milan Plechata, "Re: DIMED- N.J. Slang??", alt.guitar, Usenet,
      "Using dimed to mean at ten or full volume is pretty common here in South Carolina, too. I've been hearing it for years, now."
    • 2002 January 17, ryanm, "Re: Most appropriate Marshall guitar amp for studio", rec.audio.pro, Usenet,
      "The only way you're going to get the 'dimed marshal plexi' sound is with a dimed marshall plexi. It's gotta be non-master, though, and you have to put all the knobs on 10."
    • 2007 February 13, Jim, "Re: A question about amp volume.", alt.guitar, Usenet,
      "Tell us why many amps will give a warmer, smoother tone with preamp volume dimed and guitar volume down (as compared to guitar on 10, then turning up the amp)."

Etymology 2[edit]

From the verb dime.



  1. simple past tense and past participle of dime

Norwegian Nynorsk[edit]


From di (that) +‎ med (with).




  1. thus, therefore
    Dei tok ikkje med seg nok niste, dimed laut dei snu.
    They did not bring enough provisions; thus they had to return.