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Alternative forms[edit]


From Middle English everidayes, every daies, every dayes (everyday, daily, continual, constant, adjective, literally every day's), equivalent to every +‎ day.



everyday (not comparable)

  1. appropriate for ordinary use, rather than for special occasions
  2. commonplace, ordinary
    • 2010, Malcolm Knox, The Monthly, April 2010, Issue 55, The Monthly Ptd Ltd, page 42:
      Although it is an everyday virus, there is something about influenza that inspires awe.


Derived terms[edit]




  1. Misspelling of every day. (compare everywhere, everyway, etc.).

Usage notes[edit]

When describing the frequency of an action denoted by a verb, it is considered correct to separate the individual words: every hour, every day, every week, etc.

Influenza is considered an everyday virus because it infects people every day.


everyday (uncountable)

  1. (obsolete) Literally every day in succession, or every day but Sunday. [14th–19th c.]
  2. (rare) the ordinary or routine day or occasion
    Putting away the tableware for everyday, a chore which is part of the everyday.
    • 2003, Robert Pack, Belief and Uncertainty in the Poetry of Robert Frost (Middlebury College press)‎[1], UPNE, →ISBN, →LCCN, →OCLC, page 110:
      Then you came in. I heard your rumbling voice
      Out in the kitchen , and I don't know why ,
      But I went near to see with my own eyes .
      You could sit there with the stains on your shoes
      Of the fresh earth from your own baby's grave
      And talk about your everyday concerns. []