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eye +‎ -er


eyer (plural eyers)

  1. One who eyes someone or something.
    • 1654, Edmund Gayton, Pleasant Notes upon Don Quixot, London, Notes vpon Book II. Chap. IV, p. 47,[1]
      The Amoretto was wont to take his stand at one place about the pew, where sate his Mistresse, who was a very attentive hearer of the man above her, and the sutor was as diligent an eyer of her, for having a book, and black-lead pen alwaies in his hand, (as if he took notes of the sermon) at last he got her exact picture.
    • 2010, Robert Coover, Noir, New York: Overlook Duckworth, p. 97,[2]
      You knew less about sex than you knew about sleuthing, but you soon figured out what the goods were and got them. You were not so much a private eye as an eyer of privates.




From Old Turkic eder, from Proto-Turkic *ēder.


eyer (definite accusative eyeri, plural eyerler)

  1. saddle (seat on an animal)

Derived terms[edit]