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Etymology 1[edit]

From ye analogous to your<you



yere (possessive)

  1. (Ireland) your (plural); of ye, belonging to ye
    • 2001 Martin McDonagh The Lieutenant of Inishmore, Scene 8:
      What I want ye to remember, as the bullets come out through yere foreheads, is []
    • 2012 Kerry O'Shea Edinburgh’s Fringe festival thinks The Rubberbandits are English IrishCentral 27 July 2012:
      The Rubberbandits took to their Twitter (@Rubberbandits) on Tuesday in the wake of the Fringe fest’s apparent typo saying that, “@edfringe As much as we'd love to swear allegiance to Lizzie. Could ye change our country of origin from "England" to Ireland on yere site?” (sic)
    • 2012 Christy O'Connor "The first great rivalry of the 21st century" Irish Independent, 28 July 2012:
      "I've been listening to yere s**** there all day about how great ye are," he told them. "Who the hell do ye think ye are with yere two All-Irelands and one ambush?"

Usage notes[edit]

Especially in the south and west of Ireland. The yod-dropping pronunciation is more dialectal.

Etymology 2[edit]


yere (plural yeres)

  1. Obsolete spelling of year

Sranan Tongo[edit]



  1. To hear




  1. dative singular of yer