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German numbers (edit)
 ←  14 15 16  → 
    Cardinal: fünfzehn
    Ordinal: fünfzehnte
    Sequence adverb: fünfzehntens
    Ordinal abbreviation: 15.
    Adverbial: fünfzehnmal
    Adverbial abbreviation: 15-mal
    Multiplier: fünfzehnfach
    Multiplier abbreviation: 15-fach
    Fractional: Fünfzehntel
    Polygon: Fünfzehneck
    Polygon abbreviation: 15-Eck
    Polygonal adjective: fünfzehneckig
    Polygonal adjective abbreviation: 15-eckig

Alternative forms[edit]

Colloquial forms are

  • fuffzehn [ˈfʊft͡seːn] in northern and central Germany;
  • fuchzehn [ˈfʊxt͡seːn] in southern Germany and Austria.

These forms are frequent in pronunciation, but rare in writing, the more so as numerals above 12 are usually not written out in German texts.


  • IPA(key): /ˈfʏnft͡seːn/
  • (file)
  • (file)



  1. (cardinal number) fifteen

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