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German numbers (edit)
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    Cardinal: neunzehn
    Ordinal: neunzehnte
    Sequence adverb: neunzehntens
    Ordinal abbreviation: 19.
    Adverbial: neunzehnmal
    Adverbial abbreviation: 19-mal
    Multiplier: neunzehnfach
    Multiplier abbreviation: 19-fach
    Fractional: Neunzehntel
    Polygon: Neunzehneck
    Polygon abbreviation: 19-Eck
    Polygonal adjective: neunzehneckig
    Polygonal adjective abbreviation: 19-eckig

Alternative forms[edit]


From Old High German niunzehan, from Proto-Germanic *newuntehun. Compare Dutch negentien, English nineteen, Danish nitten.


  • IPA(key): /ˈnɔʏ̯nˌt͡seːn/, (also) /ˈnɔʏ̯nt͡sɛn/, /ˈnɔʏ̯nt͡sən/
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  1. (cardinal number) nineteen

Usage notes[edit]

  • In year dates, neunzehnhundert (nineteen hundred) followed by another number is colloquially sometimes contracted to /ˈnɔʏ̯nt͡sɐt/, e.g. neunzehnhundertsechzig (1960) /ˈnɔʏ̯nt͡sɐtˌzɛçt͡sɪç/. The same form in /-t͡sɐt/ is also possible for all other such numbers (like 18.., 17..), but becomes ever rarer the further one moves from the present.

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