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Alternative forms[edit]


face +‎ plant (place, set firmly). Originally skateboarding and snowboarding slang, a humorous variant of handplant, which is an intentional technique in these sports.


  • (US) IPA(key): /ˈfeɪsˌplænt/
  • (file)


faceplant (plural faceplants)

  1. (informal) The act of landing face first, as a result of an accident or error.
    The skater slipped off his board and did a painful faceplant.
    • 2005, Michael Thomas Ford, Looking For It, Kensington Publishing Corp. (→ISBN)
      Only by catching himself with his poles had he avoided doing a face plant in the snow.
    • 2009, Sarah Cross, Dull Boy, Penguin (→ISBN)
      My cheek feels raw where Cherchette kissed me, like I did a face plant onto concrete.
  2. (video games) Death or defeat in a multiplayer online game.
  3. (wrestling) A wrestling move in which an attacking wrestler forces an opponent down to the mat face-first without a headlock or facelock.
    Synonym: facebuster

Usage notes[edit]

Other variants are more rarely found, such as assplant (land on one’s ass, buttocks (unintentionally)), in addition to variants of the intentional handplant, such as elbow plant.



faceplant (third-person singular simple present faceplants, present participle faceplanting, simple past and past participle faceplanted)

  1. (informal) To land face first.
    Synonyms: eat it, (vulgar) eat shit
    • 2013, Micah Persell, Of Consuming Fire: Middle of the Garden, Simon and Schuster (→ISBN)
      Moments before she face-planted on the tile, his hands shot out and grabbed her, pulling her safely to his chest. She face-planted in the middle of his pecs instead.
  2. (informal) To completely fumble or fail an activity, usually in a spectacular fashion.


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