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Norwegian Bokmål[edit]

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From Middle Low German verwe or varwe. Cognate with German Farbe, Danish farve and Swedish färg; ultimately from Proto-Indo-European *per-, *perḱ- ‎(motley, coloured)


farge m ‎(definite singular fargen, indefinite plural farger, definite plural fargene)

  1. color (US), colour (UK)
  2. color, human skin tone
  3. dye, colourant used for hair

Derived terms[edit]


farge ‎(imperative farg, present tense farger, passive farges, simple past and past participle farga or farget, present participle fargende)

  1. to colour (UK) or color (US)
  2. to dye

Derived terms[edit]


Norwegian Nynorsk[edit]

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farge m, f ‎(definite singular fargen or farga, indefinite plural fargar or farger, definite plural fargane or fargene)

  1. a colour (UK), or color (US)

Derived terms[edit]

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