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femboy (plural femboys)

  1. (LGBT) A young man who adopts a feminine aesthetic.
    • 2015, Charles Cadman, Phallus Aforethought:
      A Thai boy is allowed to be effeminate. Such boys are accepted in school and in their villages, and their effeminacy is simply considered to be a part of their character. “In such an open society it could well be the case that these femboys feel more able to experiment and to develop their feminine side. If they proceed to the level of regularly dressing as a girl, taking female hormones and having breast implants, then they will have moved into the realm of becoming fully fledged ladyboys. []
    • 2016, Cindy I-Fen Cheng, The Routledge Handbook of Asian American Studies
      For example, “queer” would include self-identified lesbians and gays who also have sex with the “opposite sex,” sexual practices and relationships that include kink, s/m, polyamory, and pansexuality, gender play and fuck including femmes and those feminine of center, butches and those masculine of center, queens, femboys, gurls, bois, sissies, tomboys, crossdressers, drag queens and kings, and genderfluid people.
    Antonym: tomboy


  • Russian: фембо́й (fembój)