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From Latin floris (genitive singular of flower) < flos (flower) + -o- +‎ -graphy.


floriography (uncountable)

  1. Communication through the use of flowers.
    • 1965, The Illustrated London News, Volume 246, Issue 2, page xvi,
      Time was, the author assures us, " when no gallant knight or gentle dame could aspire to good breeding unless perfectly conversant with floriography."
    • 2009, Jeanette Ellis, Forbidden Rites: Your Complete Introduction to Traditional Witchcraft[1], page 289:
      The language of the flowers was called Floriography in Victorian times. It has been used in folklore and witchcraft, without its fancy name for many hundred of years, coming originally from the East.
    • 2011, Iwona Eberle, Eve with a Spade: Women, Gardens, and Literature in the Nineteenth Century[2], page 23:
      Victorians also gloried in “floriography”, or written alphabets of flowers that assigned each flower a certain quality, such as friendship, hope, or gratitude.



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