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From Ancient Greek γαλῆ ‎(galê), contracted form of γαλέη ‎(galéē, a name given to various animals of the weasel kind), +‎ -anthropy.


galeanthropy ‎(uncountable)

  1. (rare) A mental condition of thinking that one has become a cat, usually manifest in the adoption of feline mannerisms and habits.
    • 1973, M. E. Kerr, If I Love You, Am I Trapped Forever?, Marshall Cavendish Classics (2009), ISBN 9780761455455, page 49:
      "That is the most interesting delusion I've come across since reading up on galeanthropy," said Sophie.
    • 1994 May 20, Matthew Marchese, “Tales of Obscure Usage I”[1], talk.bizarre, Usenet:
      Meanwhile his frau made loud mewling and scratching noises in the hallway beyond, deep in the throes of advanced galeanthropy.
    • 1996, Charles Harrington Elster, There's a Word for It!: A Grandiloquent Guide to Life, Scriber (1996), ISBN 9780684824550, page 33:
      galeanthropy across the street to pet a cat, falls into a coma and experiences galeanthropy.
    • 1998 April 15, Serenleono, “Re: Touched by Chris Farely”[2], alt.religion.angels, Usenet:
      You got through to him?! He [Jack Kevorkian] won't return my calls anymore and his secretary just keeps repeating "No, we don't think suffering from galeanthropy makes one a valid candidate for the doctor's consideration."

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