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Alternative forms[edit]


gate +‎ keep, as back-formation from gatekeeper.


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gatekeep (third-person singular simple present gatekeeps, present participle gatekeeping, simple past and past participle gatekept)

  1. To control or limit access to something.
  2. (sociology) To limit (sometimes manipulatively, rather than directly) how much role another party, often a spouse, has in some task.
  3. (by extension, slang, Internet) To limit another party's participation in a collective identity or activity, usually due to undue resentment or overprotectiveness

Derived terms[edit]


gatekeep (plural gatekeeps)

  1. A gatekeeper.
    • 1949, Laverne Gay, Wine of Ssatan a Novel of the First Crusade, page 129:
      Similar remarks had passed the cherry-stained lips a hundred times, and this one was brought on just after the gatekeep at the north postern of Bull Joy had slyly given the wink behind "her husband's" broad back.
    • 1969, Donald M. Hines, Dust Devils in the Great Desert:
      A gentleman stopped his horse at a toll-gate and not seeing the gatekeep went into the house.
    • 1987, Maggie Osborne, Chase the Heart, page 278:
      Though there was a moment of anxiety, a generous bribe persuaded the gatekeep to overlook their expired passports and they rode into Calais.
    • 2017, Jeannie Troll, A Clever Girl:
      “At least those doxies don't fancy themselves the gatekeeps of God, like the priest.” Margit said.