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Probably from Hackney, formerly a town, now a borough of London, used for grazing horses before sale, or from Old French haquenee ‎(ambling mare for ladies), Latinized in England to hakeneius (though some recent French sources report that the English usage predates the French).


hackney ‎(plural hackneys)

  1. (archaic) An ordinary horse.
  2. A carriage for hire or a cab.
  3. A horse used to ride or drive.
  4. A breed of English horse.
  5. (archaic) A hired drudge; a hireling; a prostitute.

Derived terms[edit]



hackney ‎(not comparable)

  1. (not comparable) Offered for hire; hence, much used; trite; mean.
    hackney coaches
    hackney authors
    • Roscommon
      his accumulative and hackney tongue


hackney ‎(third-person singular simple present hackneys, present participle hackneying, simple past and past participle hackneyed)

  1. To make uninteresting or trite by frequent use.
  2. To use as a hackney.