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Alternative forms[edit]


heads-up (plural heads-up or heads-ups)

  1. (chiefly US, idiomatic) A warning or call to pay attention; an advisory notice; a notice of what is to happen; a holler.
    Send everyone a heads-up about the inspection tomorrow.
  2. (poker) Involving two players. (usually said when there are only two players in the table; or, when all players except two folded)
    There were only two of us, so we started playing heads-up.
    There are seven players on the table. Five folded, the remaining two played heads-up until the showdown.


See also[edit]


heads-up (comparative more heads-up, superlative most heads-up)

  1. With head directly above the neck, eyes front.
    A heads-up posture meant the pilot couldn't pay attention to his instruments.
  2. Alert; vigilant
    Getting those marbles off the red carpet was a real heads-up move.


Derived terms[edit]