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From Zulu imbizo.


imbizo ‎(plural imbizos or izimbizo)

  1. (South Africa) A forum for discussion of policy.
    • When the Zulu nation calls for an imbizo, it's generally a spectacular affair. These mass gatherings, often organised for social and political purposes, have an important role for this huge and powerful African tribe. [1]
    • Imbizo is a forum for enhancing dialogue and interaction between government and ... Imbizo also highlights people's concerns, grievances and advice about ..." [2]



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imbizo class 9/10 ‎(plural izimbizo)

  1. assembly, gathering


Class 9/10
Singular Plural
Full form imbizo izimbizo
Simple form mbizo zimbizo
Locative embizweni ezimbizweni
Copulative yimbizo yizimbizo
Possessive forms
Singular Plural
Class 1 wembizo wezimbizo
Class 2 bembizo bezimbizo
Class 3 wembizo wezimbizo
Class 4 yembizo yezimbizo
Class 5 lembizo lezimbizo
Class 6 embizo ezimbizo
Class 7 sembizo sezimbizo
Class 8 zembizo zezimbizo
Class 9 yembizo yezimbizo
Class 10 zembizo zezimbizo
Class 11 lwembizo lwezimbizo
Class 14 bembizo bezimbizo
Class 15 kwembizo kwezimbizo
Class 17 kwembizo kwezimbizo

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