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From ineō (go in, make a start), from in (in, into) + (go).



initium n (genitive initiī); second declension

  1. beginning


Second declension.

Case Singular Plural
nominative initium initia
genitive initiī initiōrum
dative initiō initiīs
accusative initium initia
ablative initiō initiīs
vocative initium initia

Derived terms[edit]



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    • to begin with a thing: initium capere; incipere ab aliqua re
    • to commence a thing: initium facere, ducere, sumere (alicuius rei)
    • to start from small beginnings: ab exiguis initiis proficisci
    • to begin to speak: initium dicendi facere
    • to commence hostilities: bellum incipere, belli initium facere (B. G. 7. 1. 5)
    • (ambiguous) the elements: elementa; initia or principia rerum
    • (ambiguous) at the beginning of the year: initio anni, ineunte anno