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From in- +‎ surgō.



īnsurgō (present infinitive īnsurgere, perfect active īnsurrēxī, supine īnsurrēctum); third conjugation, limited passive

  1. (intransitive) I rise up (against).


   Conjugation of īnsurgō (third conjugation, only third-person forms in passive)
indicative singular plural
first second third first second third
active present īnsurgō īnsurgis īnsurgit īnsurgimus īnsurgitis īnsurgunt
imperfect īnsurgēbam īnsurgēbās īnsurgēbat īnsurgēbāmus īnsurgēbātis īnsurgēbant
future īnsurgam īnsurgēs īnsurget īnsurgēmus īnsurgētis īnsurgent
perfect īnsurrēxī īnsurrēxistī īnsurrēxit īnsurrēximus īnsurrēxistis īnsurrēxērunt,
pluperfect īnsurrēxeram īnsurrēxerās īnsurrēxerat īnsurrēxerāmus īnsurrēxerātis īnsurrēxerant
future perfect īnsurrēxerō īnsurrēxeris īnsurrēxerit īnsurrēxerimus īnsurrēxeritis īnsurrēxerint
passive present īnsurgitur īnsurguntur
imperfect īnsurgēbātur īnsurgēbantur
future īnsurgētur īnsurgentur
perfect īnsurrēctus est īnsurrēctī sunt
pluperfect īnsurrēctus erat īnsurrēctī erant
future perfect īnsurrēctus erit īnsurrēctī erunt
subjunctive singular plural
first second third first second third
active present īnsurgam īnsurgās īnsurgat īnsurgāmus īnsurgātis īnsurgant
imperfect īnsurgerem īnsurgerēs īnsurgeret īnsurgerēmus īnsurgerētis īnsurgerent
perfect īnsurrēxerim īnsurrēxerīs īnsurrēxerit īnsurrēxerīmus īnsurrēxerītis īnsurrēxerint
pluperfect īnsurrēxissem īnsurrēxissēs īnsurrēxisset īnsurrēxissēmus īnsurrēxissētis īnsurrēxissent
passive present īnsurgātur īnsurgantur
imperfect īnsurgerētur īnsurgerentur
perfect īnsurrēctus sit īnsurrēctī sint
pluperfect īnsurrēctus esset,
īnsurrēctus foret
īnsurrēctī essent,
īnsurrēctī forent
imperative singular plural
first second third first second third
active present īnsurge īnsurgite
future īnsurgitō īnsurgitō īnsurgitōte īnsurguntō
non-finite forms active passive
present perfect future present perfect future
infinitives īnsurgere īnsurrēxisse īnsurrēctūrum esse īnsurgī īnsurrēctum esse īnsurrēctum īrī
participles īnsurgēns īnsurrēctūrus īnsurrēctus īnsurgendus,
verbal nouns gerund supine
genitive dative accusative ablative accusative ablative
īnsurgendī īnsurgendō īnsurgendum īnsurgendō īnsurrēctum īnsurrēctū


  • Italian: insorgere
  • Sicilian: nzùrgiri
  • Catalan: insurgir
  • French: insurger
  • Vulgar Latin: *insurctus


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