interstellar planet

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Constructed from Latin: inter- +‎ stellar- +‎ planet and from Middle English planete, from Old English planēta (planet, chasuble), from Latin planeta, planetes, from Ancient Greek πλανήτης (planḗtēs) variant of πλάνης (plánēs, wanderer, planet), from Ancient Greek πλανάω (planáō, wander about, stray), of unknown origin. Perhaps from a Proto-Indo-European *pel- (to wander, roam), cognate with Latin pālor (wander about, stray), Old Norse flana (to rush about), Norwegian flanta (to wander about). More at flaunt.


interstellar planet (plural interstellar planets)

  1. (astronomy, planetology) a planetary-mass object which has either been ejected from its system or was never gravitationally bound to any star or other such object, and that therefore orbits the galaxy directly.


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