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job +‎ -er


jobber (plural jobbers)

  1. (archaic) One who works by the job and recruit other people(as in the 19th Century).
  2. (business) An intermediary who buys and sells merchandise.
  3. (US, business) A type of intermediary in the apparel industry, as well as others, who buys excess merchandise from brand owners and manufacturers, and sells to retailers at prices that are 20-70% below wholesale. Because of the negative connotations of the word "jobber," they are now referred to by the more politically-correct term - "Off-price specialists."
  4. (Britain, finance) A market maker on the stock exchange
  5. (obsolete, Britain, finance) A promoter or broker of stocks for investment.
    An act to restrain the number and ill practice of brokers and stock jobbers: 8 & 9 Wm. 3, ch. 32 (1697) [legislation of English parliament]
  6. (professional wrestling slang) a performer whose primary role is to lose to established talent.
  7. A thing (often used in a vague way to refer to something the name of which one cannot recall).


Derived terms[edit]

Norwegian Bokmål[edit]


jobber m pl

  1. indefinite plural of jobb



  1. present tense of jobbe