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  1. plural of kail




From Proto-Baltic *kail-, from *koil-, the o-grade (plus an extra -l) of Proto-Indo-European *kei-, *skei- (to cut, to divide, to separate). For the meaning change, compare Ancient Greek δέρω (dérō, to skin, to flay), δέρμα (dérma, skin), then from “skin” to “bare, naked.” Cognates include Lithuanian káilis (skin).[1]




kails (definite kailais, comparative kailāks, superlative viskailākais, adverb kaili)

  1. naked, nude, bare (without clothes on)
    kails bērnsnaked child
    kailas kājasbare feet
    izģērbties kailamto strip naked
  2. bald (without hair)
    kails galvvidusbald crown (of head)
  3. (about trees, bushes, plants) without leaves, without further growth (branches, twigs, bark)
    lapu koki kļuvuši kailithe leaf trees have become bald, leafless
    tur tad cauri ūdenim redzēja pelēku, kailu stumbruthen there through the water they saw a gray, naked trunk
  4. without plants, without plant life, vegetation; without trees or plants nearby
    saules staros izdegusi kaila zemeearth burned naked by sun rays
    kailas ēkasnaked buildings (without green areas)
    kaili mūrinaked walls
  5. (about winter) without, or with little, snow
    kaila ziemabald (i.e., snowless) winter
  6. (about rooms, spaces) naked (without or with little furniture; without comfort)
    kaila grīdanaked floor (not covered)
    vakarā pa krēslu viņa skatījās kailās, netīras istabasin the evening, (sitting) on the chair, she looked at the naked, dirty rooms
  7. (about places, areas) undeveloped
    viņiem taču te būs jāsāk kailā vietābut they will have to start (their carrers) here, in this naked place
  8. bare (by itself, without anything in addition to it)
    mēs esam spiestas pārtikt no kailās cietuma devaswe are forced to live on bare prison food
  9. bald (without justification or evidence; inconclusive)
    kails apgalvojumsbald (= unfounded) assertion
  10. naked (without explanation, without illustrative material)
    kaili fakti, skaitļinaked facts, figures
  11. naked (thinly disguised, or undisguised; easy to see or read)
    kails egoismsnaked selfishness
    kaila nabadzībanaked poverty



Derived terms[edit]


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