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From key +‎ hole.


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keyhole (plural keyholes)

  1. The hole in a lock where the key is inserted and turns.
  2. Any small opening resembling the hole for a key in shape or function.
  3. A circle cut out of a garment as a decorative effect, typically at the front or back neckline of a dress.
  4. (carpentry) A hole or excavation in beams intended to be joined together, to receive the key that fastens them.
  5. (engineering) A mortise for a key or cotter.
  6. (lasers) A transient column of vapor or plasma formed when using high energy beams, such as lasers, for welding or cutting.
    laser keyhole welding
    keyhole plasma
  7. (metallurgy) A welding method in which a hole forms in the surface immediately ahead of the puddle in the direction of welding. The hole is filled as the weld progresses.
  8. (basketball) The free-throw lane together with the circle surrounding the free-throw line; key.
  9. (astronomy) A gravitational keyhole.



keyhole (third-person singular simple present keyholes, present participle keyholing, simple past and past participle keyholed)

  1. (ordnance) To strike a target after wobbling in flight so that the long axis of the bullet does not follow the line of flight; typically due to insufficient spin resulting from the rifling in the barrel.

Derived terms[edit]