khủng long

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Sino-Vietnamese word from 恐龍, composed of (terror) and (dragon), from Chinese 恐龍恐龙 (kǒnglóng) or directly from Japanese 恐竜 (kyōryū). For the extended sense, semantic loan from Chinese (long) or semantic loan from Japanese (ryū).

It is unclear when this term was adopted. In Địa cầu vạn vật luận - Động vật (1920), written by a French bishop, the term thú long was used to refer to "fossilized terrestrial crocodiles" such as mégalosaure, brontosaure, iguanodon.



(classifier con) khủng long

  1. a dinosaur
  2. (by extension) some other prehistoric reptiles, such as pterosaurs and ichthyosaurs
    Synonym: thằn lằn