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ki- +‎ ad


  • IPA(key): [ˈkijɒd]
  • Hyphenation: ki‧ad



  1. (transitive) to give out, to hand out, to issue
    Kiadom az ételt az ablakon.I hand out the food through the window.
  2. (transitive) to emit, to make, to produce (e.g. a sound or a signal)
    Synonyms: kibocsát, képez, alkot, formál
  3. (transitive) to rent out (to allow possession of a property etc. in exchange for rent)
    Synonym: bérbe ad
    Kiadom az egyik szobánkat.I rent out one of our rooms.
  4. (transitive) to publish, issue, bring out
    Synonyms: közread, megjelentet, publikál, kinyomtat
    Kiadták a könyvet.They published the book.
  5. (transitive, of money) to spend (on something -ra/-re)
    Synonym: költ
    Nem szeretnék sok pénzt kiadni a tévére.I wouldn't like to spend much money on the television.
  6. (transitive) to surrender, to hand over, to give up (e.g. revealing a criminal's identity or whereabouts); to extradite to someone (-nak/-nek)
  7. (transitive, euphemistic) to vomit
    Synonym: hány
  8. (reflexive) to impersonate someone, to pretend to be someone, to (try to) pass off as someone (-nak/-nek)
    Orvosnak adta ki magát.He pretended to be a doctor.


Derived terms[edit]


Further reading[edit]

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