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From Japanese コギャル (kogyaru), itself of various possible derivations, all of which incorporate ギャル (gyaru), from English gal.


kogal (countable and uncountable, plural kogals)

  1. (uncountable) A subculture of conspicuous consumption among young women in urban Japan, typified by dyed hair, artificial suntan, platform boots, miniskirts, and expensive accessories.
    • 2003, Philip Jenkins, Beyond Tolerance: Child Pornography on the Internet
      If not exactly respectable, kogal culture is not condemned anything like as harshly as manifestations of pedophilia would be elsewhere []
    • 2004, Gordon Mathews, Bruce White, Japan's Changing Generations
      Kogal tackiness was egalitarian, and contrasted with the cute and conservative styles []
  2. (countable) A member of this subculture.
    • 2006, David Richard Leheny, Think Global, Fear Local
      Because of the links drawn between kogals and enjo kosai ("compensated dating"), in which women and girls are paid for dates and sometimes sex []