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From Old Spanish lançar, from Late Latin lanceō, lanceāre, derived from Latin lancea (spear), of Celtiberian origin. Compare Catalan llançar, Asturian llanzar, French lancer, Italian lanciare, Occitan and Portuguese lançar, English launch. Doublet of lancear, a later borrowing.


  • IPA(key): (Spain) /lanˈθaɾ/, [lãn̟ˈθaɾ]
  • IPA(key): (Latin America) /lanˈsaɾ/, [lãnˈsaɾ]


lanzar (first-person singular present lanzo, first-person singular preterite lancé, past participle lanzado)

  1. to throw
    Synonyms: arrojar, tirar, aventar
    El bebé lanzó el juguete con todas sus fuerzas.The baby threw the toy with all his/her strength.
  2. to launch
  3. (baseball) to pitch
    No pude lidiar con el modo en que lanzaba ese tipo.I couldn't deal with how that guy pitched.


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