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From liels(big, large) +‎ -isks.




lielisks (def. lieliskais, comp. lieliskāks, sup. vislieliskākais; adv. lieliski)

  1. great, wonderful (very good; outstanding with respect to moral, character qualities, and treatment of others; (of behavior) expressing such characteristics)
    lielisks cilvēks‎ ― wonderful person
    tu esi lielisks!‎ ― you are wonderful!
    lieliski darba biedri‎ ― great colleagues, co-workers
    lielisks draugs, lieliska draudzība — great friend, great friendship
    lieliskas rakstura īpašības‎ ― great character features, qualities
  2. great, excellent (who does his/her work, takes care of his/her responsibilities particularly well)
    lielisks amatnieks‎ ― excellent craftsman
    lielisks rakstnieks‎ ― great writer
  3. great, excellent (meeting extremely well certain requirements or expectations)
    lieliska mašīna‎ ― excellent machine, car
    lielisks zirgs‎ ― excellent horse
    lieliska raža‎ ― excellent (= very large) yield, harvest
    lielisks noskaņojums‎ ― great mood, disposition
    lieliska dzirde‎ ― excellent hearing
    lielisks miegs‎ ― great sleep
    lieliska dzirdamība‎ ― great audibility
    lieliska izglītība‎ ― great, excellent education
  4. great, wonderful (causing great pleasure, having great beauty)
    lieliskas pusdienas‎ ― excellent lunch
    lieliska rožu smarža‎ ― wonderful aroma of roses
    lieliska diena‎ ― great day
    lieliska braukšana‎ ― great ride
    lielisks skats uz jūra‎ ― wonderful view of the sea
    lieliska ainava‎ ― wonderful landscape
  5. great, excellent (having particularly important, valuable, admirable content)
    lieliska grāmata‎ ― excellent book
    lielisks referāts‎ ― great report
    lieliska glezna‎ ― great painting
    lielisks skaņdarbs‎ ― excellent piece of music
    lielisks dziesmas izpildījums‎ ― great song performance
  6. (adverbial form, used as a particle indicating approval) great! excellent!
    “nu, lieliski!” es teicu, “vienkārši malacis!”‎ ― “well, excellent!” I said, “a great job!”



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