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Alternative forms[edit]


look +‎ book



lookbook (plural lookbooks)

  1. (fashion, colloquial) A comprehensive directory of fashion-related companies and people, such as fashion designers, industry figures, brands and retail stores.
  2. (fashion, colloquial) A printed showcase of still images of a fashion designer or fashion brand’s collection with pages bound along one side.
    • 2009 June 11, Eric Wilson, “Why Round Sunglasses? A Style Investigation”, in New York Times[1]:
      A new line called Suno replicated the staging of Mr. Sidibé’s photographs for its lookbook, right down to the checkerboard marble floor.
  3. (film) A showcase of photographs etc. describing how a film should look.
    • 2012, Steven Ascher, Edward Pincus, The Filmmaker's Handbook
      Mainly useful for feature films, the look book helps define the look in terms of the cinematography and design that you hope to achieve. It can contain stills from other films or photos as a visual reference []


lookbook (third-person singular simple present lookbooks, present participle lookbooking, simple past and past participle lookbooked)

  1. (fashion, colloquial) To locate fashion-related information by means of a directory.
    She lookbooked little black dresses in order to locate the one she wanted.



From English



lookbook m (plural lookbooks)

  1. lookbook