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From Proto-Vietic *ɓǝh, from Proto-Mon-Khmer *ɓ(ə)h ~ *ɓah (to open); cognates include Muong bớ, Western Katu pəːh and possibly Bahnar pơih.



mở (𨸈, 𢲫, , , 𨷑, 𩦓, 𢱒, )

  1. (transitive, intransitive) to open, be open (a door, lid, path, source code)
    Antonym: đóng
    mở cửa phòngto open the door to a room
    mở nắp hộpto open the lid of a jar (box)
    phần mềm nguồn mởopen source software
  2. (transitive) to unfold, expand, open up
    Synonym: mở rộng
    Antonyms: gấp, đóng, thu
    Mở tờ báo ra xem.Open the newspaper and you'll see.
    mởto open a wallet (purse)
    Cánh đồng mở ra bao la.The field is expansive.
  3. (transitive) to turn on, start up (a computer, light, fan)
    Synonyms: bật, khởi động
    Antonym: tắt
    mở đài nghe tin.to turn on the news (on the television)
    mở quạt điệnto turn on an electric fan
    mở máyto turn on a machine
  4. (transitive) to open for business
    Synonym: khai trương
    mở xưởng dệtto open a clothing factory
  5. (transitive) to launch, inaugurate (an investigation, conference, military campaign)
    Synonym: bắt đầu
    Antonym: kết thúc
  6. (transitive) to mark the beginning of (an era, situation)
    Synonym: bắt đầu
    Antonym: kết thúc

Derived terms[edit]