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Etymology 1[edit]

Probably a shortening of noddypoll, a now obsolete alteration of hoddypoll, "fumbling inept person".


noddy (plural noddies)

  1. A stupid or silly person.
    • Burton
      He made soft fellows stark noddies, and such as were foolish quite mad.
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Etymology 2[edit]

nod +‎ -y?


noddy (plural noddies)

  1. Any of several stout-bodied, gregarious terns of the genera Anous and Procelsterna, found in tropical seas.
  2. (dated) A small two-wheeled vehicle drawn by a single horse.
  3. An inverted pendulum consisting of a short vertical flat spring which supports a rod having a bob at the top; used for detecting and measuring slight horizontal vibrations of a body to which it is attached.
  4. (obsolete, uncountable) An old card game.
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    A grey noddy
Derived terms[edit]
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Etymology 3[edit]

nod +‎ -y, coined by John Fiske in 1987.


noddy (plural noddies)

  1. (television) A cutaway scene of a television interviewer nodding, used to cover an editing gap in an interview.
    Noddies are often filmed after the interview in question has finished.


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