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on +‎ side

Alternative forms[edit]


onside (not comparable)

  1. (sports) Not in an offside position; In the part of the playing area where one can legally play the ball, puck, etc.
    The goal was allowed because the attacker was onside.
    • 2004, Bruce Driver, Clare Wharton, The Baffled Parent's Guide to Coaching Youth Hockey, page 178:
      After passing the puck, the center immediately breaks to the front of the net, making certain to stay onside.
    • 2011 October 30, Alistair Magowan, “Tottenham 3 - 1 QPR”, in BBC Sport[1]:
      Rafael van der Vaart then stayed onside to slot past Paddy Kenny when he collected Ledley King's mis-hit shot.
    • 2012, Jeffrey Ma, The House Advantage: Playing the Odds to Win Big In Business, →ISBN:
      The difference in recovery percentage between surprise onside kicks and non-surprise onside kicks is striking.
    • 2018, Jack B. Kaley, Richard B. Donovan, Lacrosse Essentials, →ISBN, page 113:
      If the ball carrier you are doubling gets the ball through the lane, the rotation is as follows: The onside man who was denying his man the ball continues the same technique.
  2. On the side of a vehicle from which the driver, paddler, etc. propels it.
    • 1957, California Highways and Public Works - Volume 36, page 45:
      The toll plaza will consist of an administration building and 16 onside modern barrier-type toll boths, with provision for four additional toll booths should future traffic demand require them.
    • 1987, Punch - Volume 293, Issues 7662-7669, page lviii:
      No, there's no way I call up just for a chat, like 'Hi, Nigel, you've left your rear onside winker on!'
    • 2004, Dennis Stuhaug, The Complete Idiot's Guide to Canoeing and Kayaking, →ISBN:
      Continue the rotation until your onside shoulder is pointing toward the bow and your onside arm is fully extended.
    • 2006, Franco Ferrero, The British Canoe Union Coaching Handbook, →ISBN, page 329:
      For more advanced paddlers the boat can be steered back onto the onside stroke by putting a little offside edge on at the end of the stroke, thus reducing the need for cross-bow strokes.
    • 2011, Introduction to Paddling: Canoeing Basics for Lakes and Rivers, →ISBN:
      The reverse sweep turns the canoe sharply onside, reducing forward momentum. The solo paddler's body rotates onside with the onside shoulder turned towards the stern.
  3. (bridge) Favourably located, from the point of view of the player taking a finesse.
    • 2000, David Bird, Marc Smith, Planning the Play in Notrump, →ISBN, page 25:
      With A-Q-10 opposite x-x-x, you have a 24% chance of three tricks, both missing honors being onside. You have a 52% chance of two tricks, with one honor onside and the other offside. FInally, you have a 24% chance of making only one trick, when both the king and the jack are offside.
  4. In agreement or support; on board.
    • 2012, T. James, Elite Statecraft and Election Administration, →ISBN:
      There was a very delicate balancing act the whole time about measures that would keep the Unionists onside without upsetting the Nationalist-Republican community too much.



onside (plural onsides)

  1. (sports) The portion of the playing area where one can legally play the ball, puck, etc.
  2. The side of a vehicle on which the driver primarily propels it.
    • 2017, Nigel Foster -, The Art of Kayaking: Everything You Need to Know About Paddling, →ISBN:
      The cross-bow rudder uses the offside blade on the onside of the kayak.