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From Ottoman Turkishاوینامق(oynamak, to play, perform, risk, disport, move, vibrate, dance, amuse one's self, jest), from Old Anatolian Turkishاوینامق(oynamak), from Proto-Turkic *oyna-; equivalent to oyun (game) +‎ -a- (denominal verb suffix).


  • IPA(key): /ojˈnɑmɑk/
  • (file)


oynamak (third-person singular simple present oynar)

  1. to play, amuse oneself, fool around
  2. (for a film or play) to be on, be playing
  3. to dance; to gambol, cavort, frisk about
  4. to move, stir, budge, hop
  5. to fluctuate, move back and forth, flicker
  6. (transitive) to perform (a play), play (a card)
  7. to risk, play around with, trifle with
  8. to monkey with, tinker with, tamper with


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