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  1. plural of paar


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From Middle Dutch paers, peers, pers (purple), from Middle French pers (blue-grey, dark violet), from Medieval Latin persus, persum (dark blue). Possibly derived from either Latin Persae (Persians), Persia (Persia), referring to the colour of a garment, or from Late Latin persica (peach), referring to the colour of peach blossom.[1]


  • Rhymes: -aːrs
  • IPA(key): /paːrs/
  • (file)
  • Hyphenation: paars


paars (comparative paarser, superlative meest paars or paarst)

  1. purple
    Ze heeft een paarse blouse in haar kast hangen.She has a purple blouse hanging in her closet.
    Lavendelbloemen zijn meestal paars.Lavender flowers are usually purple.
    De lucht kleurde paars tijdens de zonsondergang.The sky turned purple during the sunset.
  2. (politics, Netherlands, Belgium) relating to cooperation between liberals and social democrats of the third way [from late 20th c.]
  3. (politics, Suriname) relating to the National Democratic Party
    • 2020 February 8, Naomi Hoever, “Specialist aangeklaagd na opmerking over politieke kleur [Medical specialist charged after remark on political affiliation]”, in De Ware Tijd[1], retrieved 10 June 2021:
      Edam gedraagt zich zo, omdat hij denkt dat hij onaantastbaar is vanwege zijn paars zijn.
      Mr Edam behaves this way because he thinks he is untouchable because of his being a National Democratic Party loyalist.


Inflection of paars
uninflected paars
inflected paarse
comparative paarser
positive comparative superlative
predicative/adverbial paars paarser het paarst
het paarste
indefinite m./f. sing. paarse paarsere paarste
n. sing. paars paarser paarste
plural paarse paarsere paarste
definite paarse paarsere paarste
partitive paars paarsers

Derived terms[edit]


paars n (uncountable)

  1. The colour purple.
  2. (politics, Netherlands, Belgium) A coalition of third way social democrats and liberals. [from late 20th c.]
  3. (politics, Suriname) the National Democratic Party
    • 2020 May 30, Naomi Hoever, “NDP'ers voelen zich verraden [NDP members feel betrayed]”, in De Ware Tijd[2], retrieved 10 June 2021:
      Paars is teruggevallen van 26 naar 16 zetels.
      The National Democratic Party dropped from 26 to 16 seats.


  • Papiamentu: püs, pis

See also[edit]

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             blauwgroen/cyaan; groenblauw/petrolblauw              azuurblauw              blauw
             violet; indigo              magenta; paars              roze


  1. ^ paars; in: M. Philippa e.a., "Etymologisch Woordenboek van het Nederlands"





  1. third-person singular/plural future indicative of paart