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Related to pabulum.


pabular (not comparable)

  1. (obsolete) Edible; of or pertaining to food.
    • 1850, Southern literary messenger[1], Conservative Cookery:
      We shall however delight to follow our author in those pleasing meditations wherewith, under the ingenious fiction of Hortense, he introduces some of the most important subjects of pabular interest.
    • 1851, Edward Joseph Thackwell, Narrative of the Second Seikh war, in 1848-49, pages 82-63,
      It is a well-known fact in Indian warfare that the sepoy always fights and marches best on a full stomach. Therefore, the advisableness of this pabular preparation was unquestionable.
    • 1866, The Entomologist's Monthly Magazine, Volume 2, page 86,
      [] and as that species feeds indiscriminately on such varied trees as hazel, beech, and sallow, an extension of its pabular range is not surprising.
    • 2000, Rodney Dale, The Wordsworth Dictionary of Culinary & Menu Terms, back cover,
      This pabular vocabulary will be eagerly embraced by all those interested in and engaged in food and its preparation from whatever culture and tradition they may come.