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A pair of pattens.


From Middle English paten, patin, pateyn, from Anglo-Norman patin, Middle French patin, from patte (paw, hoof), from Latin patta, of imitative origin.



patten (plural pattens)

  1. Any of various types of footwear with thick soles, often used to elevate the foot, especially wooden clogs.
    • 1660, Samuel Pepys, Diary, 24 Jan 1660:
      I went and told part of the excise money till twelve o’clock, and then called on my wife and took her to Mr. Pierces, she in the way being exceedingly troubled with a pair of new pattens, and I vexed to go so slow, it being late.
    • Tom Freckle, the smith's son, was the next victim to her rage. He was an ingenious workman, and made excellent pattens; nay, the very patten with which he was knocked down was his own workmanship.
  2. (Britain, dialect, obsolete) A stilt.
    (Can we find and add a quotation of Halliwell to this entry?)
  3. Alternative form of paten

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