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From Latin pellūcidus, from per- ‎(very) + lūcidus ‎(clear, bright) (from whence lucid), from lūceō ‎(shine, be visible). Compare clear, crystal clear, both also with literal meaning “transparent” but metaphorical meaning “easily understood”.



pellucid ‎(comparative more pellucid, superlative most pellucid)

  1. Allowing the passage of light; transparent.
    • 1857, R. M. Ballantyne, The Coral Island, ch. 16:
      . . . and the bright seaweeds and the brilliant corals shone in the depths of that pellucid water, as we rowed over it, like rare and precious gems.
  2. Easily understood; clear.
    • 1999, Judith Butler, Gender Trouble, Preface:
      If I treat that grammar as pellucid, then I fail to call attention precisely to that sphere of language that establishes and disestablishes intelligibility, and that would be precisely to thwart my own project as I have described it to you here.


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