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From Latin pellūcidus, from per- (very) + lūcidus (clear, bright) (from whence lucid), from lūceō (shine, be visible). Compare clear, crystal clear, both also with literal meaning “transparent” but metaphorical meaning “easily understood”.



pellucid (comparative more pellucid, superlative most pellucid)

  1. Allowing the passage of light; transparent.
    • 1857, R. M. Ballantyne, The Coral Island, ch. 16:
      . . . and the bright seaweeds and the brilliant corals shone in the depths of that pellucid water, as we rowed over it, like rare and precious gems.
  2. Easily understood; clear.
    • 1999, Judith Butler, Gender Trouble, Preface:
      If I treat that grammar as pellucid, then I fail to call attention precisely to that sphere of language that establishes and disestablishes intelligibility, and that would be precisely to thwart my own project as I have described it to you here.


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