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From Swedish ränna.




  1. (colloquial) Often in plural (rännit), a system for collecting the rainwater from the roof and leading it down to a drain or to the ground.
  2. (colloquial) Any of the main components of such system, particularly a downspout (syöksytorvi) or a gutter (sadevesikouru).
  3. A trough which is open in one or both ends, especially when used as component in a liquid handling system.
  4. (mining) A launder (trough used by miners to separate metal-rich pieces from the crushed ore by washing)
  5. (sports) In ice hockey, the boards when used to steer the puck.
    lyödä kiekko ränniin
    to shoot the puck along the boards
  6. (slang) vein, especially when referred to in connection of intravenous drug use


Inflection of ränni (Kotus type 5/risti, no gradation)
nominative ränni rännit
genitive rännin rännien
partitive ränniä rännejä
illative ränniin ränneihin
singular plural
nominative ränni rännit
accusative nom. ränni rännit
gen. rännin
genitive rännin rännien
partitive ränniä rännejä
inessive rännissä ränneissä
elative rännistä ränneistä
illative ränniin ränneihin
adessive rännillä ränneillä
ablative ränniltä ränneiltä
allative rännille ränneille
essive ränninä ränneinä
translative ränniksi ränneiksi
instructive rännein
abessive rännittä ränneittä
comitative ränneineen


Derived terms[edit]